What a day yesterday was. I unfortunately had to say goodbye to my very first Macbook by recycling it at the Apple Store. So, to cheer myself up I went in to Sephora and bought a few things. For those that don’t know I am obsessed with make-up and spend my spare time watching too many make-up tutorials on YouTube. It’s actually a very strange thing considering I rarely ever wear it….But when I do….

For the first time in my life I was color matched for my foundation. I was surprised at the questions she had asked me, “Have you had any caffeine today?”, “Do you have any lotion on?”. Apparently these things effect your skin color, who knew?

After shopping I went to spend some time with my friend Sean. Nothing planned, but thats how I like to do it. So we spent our time driving around stealing Christmas trees and burning them in his backyard. Oh, and playing with the pups. 

Kaylee stayed the night and unfortunately just left. I love spending time with her. She’s getting so big that it’s starting to make me sad (and feel old). She let me do her make-up and let me just say, she’s not allowed to wear make-up again until she’s 40. She looked beautiful and so grown up. Kaylee also wrote me a super cute note before she left, (which she usually does.) 

I hope you all had a fabulous weekend. 



First Book, Record, and TV Show of 2014


Just wanted to share a few of my new year interests. As a record player owner and an old fan I decided to purchase my first record of the year. Luckily, I stumbled upon a Soundgarden record that rightfully caught my “grunge” eye. I absolutely love the album art. 

At the beginning of every year I like to see how many books, movies, and TV shows I can cram in. With that being said, I purchased the entire series of Entourage and it just so happened to be cheap as fu…In my favor.

While anxiously waiting for season 2 of Orange is the New Black I decided to cram my nose in to the book written by the one and only, Piper Kerman. So far, it is so inspirational, heartbreaking yet intriguing. There are so many innocent, educated, interesting people in prison. This book is helping to dilute judgmental side of my personality. I highly recommend catching this interview.


By the way, I was recognized for being a top employee for the last 6 months and given an iPad Mini today, can’t beat that!



   I was lucky enough to spend New Years Eve partying with my hilarious family and ending the night with a few beautiful friends. Some new, some old, some near, some far. Even after indulging in too much wine, my bowling sister Caitlyn and I still managed to kick the boys asses, as usual.

Before calling it a night I had the privilege of taking Vodka shots with my favorite couple. With one Canadian, one Wisconsinan, and one Tennesseean our accents clashed as we counted to three. It was a beautiful.

Happy New Year! 

12/31/2013 - 1/1/14